Monday, 27 July 2015

The Most Common Types of Mufflers

Performance mufflers not only look cool, but they increase the horsepower you get out of your car. If you want to add a new muffler, you have different choices. Here are three popular types of mufflers, with some pros and cons of each.

Glass Pack Mufflers

A glass pack muffler is probably the simplest muffler design, as it’s a simple tube designed to increase horsepower. With this type of muffler, you’ll get those deep exhaust tones that sound cool, but this could be a problem if you have neighbors close by.

Chambered Mufflers

This type of muffler is the one associated with classic muscle cars. As with the other types of mufflers, you get better exhaust flow, increasing the horsepower, and you’ll see better fuel economy. That rumbling exhaust sound that turns heads is the one that comes with this muffler.

Turbo Mufflers

While the name turbo sounds like it would be supercharged, it’s just a cool name, not an indication that it has to be used on a turbocharged vehicle. You can put a turbo muffler on any ride. With a turbo muffler, your exhaust takes a path through three or less chambers, getting it out of your car quicker. These mufflers are typically quieter than a glass pack muffler, but they do vary in sound quality.

Choosing the Right Muffler

Which one do you want? The muffler that you want depends on your own lifestyle and how you use your car. Racing mufflers are cool, but they may not fit your driving style. To learn more about muffler installation in Pacific Beach, please visit this website.

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