Wednesday, 8 July 2015

How to Tell That Your Shocks Need Replacing

Your car’s suspension has springs that compress when you pass over bumps in the road. When these springs expand again, the shock absorbers prevent too much bounce. Shock absorbers have two metal tubes which are connected by a piston. The fluid inside the tube is compressed by the piston when force from the road is applied. This fluid is kept inside the tube with seals. Here are three signs your shocks need replacing.

1.       Your Car Tips and Dips

When shocks are worn, the front end of your car will tip forward when you brake hard or suddenly. The back end of the car will dip down on quick acceleration. When making turns, the car will tilt or drift and may be difficult to control.

2.       More Bounce and Noise

If bumps in the road become noticeable and the car continues to bounce after rolling over them, your shocks could be damaged. You also may hear more noise when rolling over bumps. Other signs are stiffness or noise in the wheel while turning, and asymmetrical wear on the tires which would also make your ride bumpier.

To check your shocks, have a mechanic look at them, who will be able to tell you if there are any leaking, damage, or significant wear. Although shocks have a planned life span from the manufacturer of around 50,000 miles, they can wear out faster if you haul heavy loads frequently, or drive often on poorly graded or pitted roads. To learn more about car shock replacement in San Diego, visit this website.

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