Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Dual Exhaust Systems: A Cost/Benefit Analysis


Many drivers wonder about the difference between single and dual exhaust systems. The complex relationship between vehicle costs, performance, and overall lifetime use even leads some drivers to wonder about what benefits a dual exhaust system can really bring to a vehicle. While there are trade-offs in using a dual exhaust, the performance benefits are real, and for those who need that performance, there really is no other alternative.

Main Benefits

There are three main performance benefits that come from a true dual exhaust setup:

  • Improved gas mileage
  • Higher engine horsepower
  • Cooler engine temperatures

Putting all three of these together results in a big overall boost to the vehicle’s power and efficiency, and the lower operating temperature also reduces strain on the engine. This happens because the dual exhaust system is able to carry more of the vehicle’s exhaust more efficiently, providing for optimum airflow and exhaust system operation while maintaining fuel reclamation and emissions standards.


Most of the trade-offs are economic, and they stem from the fact that dual exhaust systems are a bit more costly to maintain. This is because they are more complex, making them a bit more expensive to replace, and they do wear out a bit sooner than most single-pipe exhaust systems. The main thing to remember when figuring out that extra cost is that the exhaust system is reducing a lot of other engine wear while also making your gas go further, so the extra expense is more than compensated for over the life of the vehicle. To learn more about exhaust replacement in San Diego, visit this website.

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