Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Awesome Ideas on How to Reinvent Your Vintage Trailer


Repurposing old things is currently a trendy hobby. From upcycling to restoring, there are numerous ways to refurbish something and no limit on what it can be. So if you have a shabby vintage trailer, give it new life with these awesome ideas.

Stick With a Vintage Theme

Vintage is in, so why not stick with a retro theme. Pick your favorite era and replicate its prominent features. You could recreate a fifties diner with checkered patterns and framed posters. You could go for a country or classy floral motif. For a trailer worthy of glamping, use pastels and glamorous décor. If you’re into classic cars, represent that in both your exterior and interior designs.

Make It Modern

If vintage is not your thing, update your trailer to contemporary styles. White or bright colors would give it a more open and refreshing feeling. Clean lines, sharp angles, and geometric shapes would make it look modern and sleek. You could also have fun with popular patterns such as chevrons, polka dots, and tribal designs. Put in new appliances, surfaces, and flooring as well for a cohesive appearance.

Personalize It

Maybe you prefer a more expressive style. Personalize your trailer to reflect your hobbies, interests, or quirky individuality. You could even turn it into a man cave or mommy getaway for some private time. Be as unconventional and creative as you like—you’re the one living in it, after all.

These are only a few options on how you can reinvent your vintage trailer. There are endless renovation possibilities, so have fun finding the right one for you. For a vintage trailer restoration in Watsonville, please visit this website.

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