Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Paintless Dent Removal: How Does It Work?


Do you have dents on your vehicle that need to be repaired? Consider using paintless dent removal. Whether the damage be from door dings, hail, rocks or other objects that can cause cavities and creases, this process can fix your vehicle's defects as long as the paint is still in tact. But how does it work? Professionals will typically use the following process to remove your dents:

1. Assess the damage.

Before anything else, professionals will want to take a look at the dent and figure out how they can most easily access and remove it. Once they have assessed the damage, they can prepare the area for the repair.

2. Obtain access.

To remove the dent, you will usually need to reach the back side of it. As a result, technicians will probably need to remove body panels and sometimes even tail lights or interior panels.

3.  Get a better view.

Now that the dent is visible from the opposite side of the panel, technicians will shine a special light on it that will help them determine exactly where they need to place their tools in order to remove the dent.

4. Apply pressure.

The last and most important step of paintless removal is to slowly massage out the dent using special tools. Depending on the severity of the indentation, this usually will not take long, with the whole process taking no more than a few hours.

Paintless dent removal is an excellent option for those who have minor vehicle damage that they need repaired quickly and easily. For more information on paintless dent removal in Raleigh, please visit this website.

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